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We offer ready-made software packages for a range of practically relevant optimization problems.

Additionally, we provide customizations and new developments for various application scenarios. Our software is currently being used in multiple industrial sectors, such as in the planning of fiber optic networks. Our underlying algorithmic research has already been recognized with several awards, and the software packages have secured first place in well-known international optimization competitions and benchmarks.

Steiner Tree Problems

The Steiner tree problem is one of the best-known and most researched optimization problems. It deals with the optimization of networks, for example, in district heating supply and telecommunications.

We provide the world's fastest software for the classic Steiner tree problem and several related problems:SCIP-Jack.

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QUBOs (quadratic unconstrained binary optimization) belong to a class of combinatorial optimization problems. With the growing interest in quantum computing, QUBOs have come into the spotlight as potential solutions for complex optimization problems, as quantum annealers can find approximate solutions for QUBOs. We offer the software QuBowl, capable of computing best possible solutions for QUBOs. Both CPUs and GPUs can be utilized. According to the renowned Mittelmann Benchmark, Smoothie is currently the fastest software for optimal QUBO solutions.

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Parallel Mixed-Integer Optimization

Mixed-integer optimization allows one to model a wide range of practical applications and is employed in all industrial sectors. We offer Smoothie, a software that bundles and parallelizes various open-source software packages. It currently ranks 3rd in the Mittelmann benchmark for mixed-integer optimization. Further details can be found here: .

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A beta version of Smoothie is currently available.

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