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Intelligent Integrated Data Analysis and Mathematical Optimization

You can't shape the future by looking in the rear-view mirror.

I²DAMO - We develop highly specialized software solutions for the energy transport and distribution infrastructure of today and tomorrow (including Hydrogen and Power2Gas technologies).

We are developers and consulting specialists for computer-aided assistance systems of energy supply networks with a focus on Transmission System Operators (TSO).

Based on data-driven modeling and simulation, we develop highly specialized mathematically optimized software solutions, which we fine-tune to our customers' transmission systems and new processes.

 Benefit from the latest research and development of algorithmic developments in the field of mathematical data analysis and machine learning as decision-making aids for the operation of energy transmission systems.

Algorithmic intelligence in the field of gas and hydrogen transport and distribution

Efficient predictive control of transmission systems

Network optimization through digital transformation and change management

Development of new business models

I²DAMO - Your partner for industry and research

We foster co-operations for future-proof solutions. Our renowned partners include:

Exploit optimization potentials within your dispatching

Energy transport networks are highly complex systems. That's why we rely on digitization and the opportunities of complex data analysis, data-driven modeling and simulation in order to support profitable dispatching.

Be ready for the energy supply systems of the future

Climate-neutral, decarbonized "green gases" such as Hydrogen is a key factor for a successful energy transition and at the same time an enormous challenge for the energy industry. We support your networks to be ready for the energy supply systems of the future.

Take advantage of the latest developments in research and development

We work closely with numerous research institutes, universities and industrial partners and develop effective solutions for the needs and requirements of our customers based on the latest results and processes.
  • I²DAMO
    Intelligente Integrierte Datenanalyse und
    Mathematische Optimierung GmbH

  • Managing Directors:
    Arne Schröder 
    Ines Höschel

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